[Shotwell] photo files and database

Does Shotwell keep the photos in the database, or is that just the info
on the photo?  The reason I ask is that I would not want my photos in
the database that would lock me into Shotwell.  The problem that can
happen is if I need to move to another computer running a different
photo app that can't import Shotwell.

Currently, all my photos are in a folder on a shared drive in a common
structure such as:


I'm fine with Shotwell scanning and finding photos and importing a copy
of the image for editing, descriptions, etc.  I just don't want Shotwell
to move the photo out of the file structure into the db.

If I allow Shotwell to import photos from the camera, do the photos go
to the database, or to my file structure, or both?

I looked at the documentation, but saw no discussion on this point

Of course this means that I have to backup both the photo files and the
Shotwell db, but that is fine with me.

  dave boland
  dboland9 fastmail fm

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