Re: [Shotwell] shotwell and map widget

Hi Jens,

There's a plan, but there is still no clue which tile provider to use for

Ok, that are good news.

What's the issue with rebasing it against master?

Well, lots of conflicts that are not trivial... the most persistent one 
is in src/library/LibraryWIndow.vala, but there are big diffs in various
.ui files:

Unmerged paths:
  (use "git add <file>..." to mark resolution)

        both modified:   src/library/LibraryWindow.vala
        both modified:   ui/events_directory.ui
        both modified:   ui/import.ui
        both modified:   ui/media.ui
        both modified:   ui/offline.ui
        both modified:   ui/photo.ui
        both modified:   ui/trash.ui

I am using branch map-window.

All the best


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