Re: [Shotwell] Map Widget Update

Hey Ulf, Jens,

I usually change the format to 20 in the sqlite db with sqliteman.

Like Jens said, the change is backwards compatible to v20. A second update to 21 (map support) should also be transparent and nondestructive.


On Jul 25, 2016 15:34, "Jens Georg" <mail jensge org> wrote:
If you are cross-grading to "normal" shotwell, you can manually set the schema version in the photo.db to 20. The map patch only adds columns (I agree this is a bit unfortunate)

Hi Andreas,

When trying to upgrade to 0.23.5 I run into a problem at runtime
(compiling looks ok):

It says:

   Your photo library is not compatible with this version of Shotwell.
   It appears it was created by Shotwell 0.23.2 (schema 21).  This
   version is 0.23.5 (schema 20).  Please use the latest version of

I guess this results from my former clone of your ??

What should I do? rebuild the whole photo libary?

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