Re: [Shotwell] Unconfirmed major photo loss bug running Shotwell under two Mint user accounts.

On 1 December 2016 at 21:12, Info Munky <info munky gmx com> wrote:
Firstly, I'm not absolutely sure that the following is what has happened,
but I think it is at this stage. Apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

I had a large library of my photos in Shotwell under Linux Mint 18 on my
I also had some photos I was storing for other family members in another
As I like Shotwell so much, I thought wouldn't it be great to sort through
the other peoples photos in Shotwell as I'm so used to it, but I don't want
to mix them up with my own photos.
So I created a new Guest account in Mint, and put all the other peoples
photos (henceforth referred to as Guest photos) in the Pictures folder under
the Guest home folder. I ran Shotwell as the guest user, and sure enough had
a separate Shotwell setup for the Guest photos.
However, I decided to change things around a bit, and re-import the Guest
photos in a different folder structure, from scratch.

Here's what seems to have gone wrong:
I was logged into Mint as my main user account, I then switched user to the
Guest account, and ran Shotwell, which showed, as expected the Guest photos.
I selected all, and deleted to Shotwell Rubbish Bin. On exit, I selected
'Remove from library and trash files'. This gave me an empty Shotwell on the
Guest account.
However later on I went back to my main user account and my Shotwell library
has disappeared there too. Rather upsetting. I think my backup is up to date
so I should be able to recover everything.

Just a note that 'Remove from library and trash files' puts the files
in the system trash bin so they are not completely lost. At least that
is true for Ubuntu.

Also another thought, is it possible that when you put all the photos
into the guest Pictures folder that you accidentally moved rather than
copied them? I have done that on numerous occasions when using the gui
to copy files from one place to another, forgetting to hold Shift (or
whatever it is) when doing the copy.


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