[Shotwell] Unconfirmed major photo loss bug running Shotwell under two Mint user accounts.

Firstly, I'm not absolutely sure that the following is what has happened, but I think it is at this stage. Apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

I had a large library of my photos in Shotwell under Linux Mint 18 on my laptop. I also had some photos I was storing for other family members in another location. As I like Shotwell so much, I thought wouldn't it be great to sort through the other peoples photos in Shotwell as I'm so used to it, but I don't want to mix them up with my own photos. So I created a new Guest account in Mint, and put all the other peoples photos (henceforth referred to as Guest photos) in the Pictures folder under the Guest home folder. I ran Shotwell as the guest user, and sure enough had a separate Shotwell setup for the Guest photos. However, I decided to change things around a bit, and re-import the Guest photos in a different folder structure, from scratch.

Here's what seems to have gone wrong:
I was logged into Mint as my main user account, I then switched user to the Guest account, and ran Shotwell, which showed, as expected the Guest photos. I selected all, and deleted to Shotwell Rubbish Bin. On exit, I selected 'Remove from library and trash files'. This gave me an empty Shotwell on the Guest account. However later on I went back to my main user account and my Shotwell library has disappeared there too. Rather upsetting. I think my backup is up to date so I should be able to recover everything.

Possibly of note:
I did have a system crash when switching users back from Guest to Main, and had to do a hard reboot.

Can anybody shed any light on whether what I think has happened is possible?

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