Re: [Shotwell] Taking over

So, following up on this:

The main topics for 0.24 should be stability and general user
experience, including translations and performance. I tried to compile
a list of bugs I would consider for 0.24.

A new feature I would like to look into would be enhanced geo support
(such as the mentioned OSM things) but that would be of somewhat lower

As for the timeframe, I would follow GNOME's cycle as shown on which would mark
the release of 0.23.0 on Monday, April 25th.

Hi List and Shotwell enthusiasts,

I picked up Shotwell as a new maintainer today. There will be no
immediate bang of new features, I'm trying to get a grip on the

This is what I'm planning to do:
 - Release a 0.22.1 today/tomorrow to get the translation
 - Use the week-end for a bug scrub and prioritisation to
  - Figure out low-hanging fixes and improvements
  - Get a grip on the currently most pressing issues
  - Come up with some kind of roadmap

I suppose I will also set up a new Ubuntu PPA for it soon™. Place
be announced here.

That's the rough things I have on my mind currently. Thanks for your
attention ;)
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