Re: [Shotwell] Taking over


Hi Jens,

Really excited to have someone pick up the torch.

As far as low-ish hanging features there's a neat branch with some map
which last I tried (2013?) worked pretty well.

Still have to look at it but sounds interesting.

My big wishlist one is faster importing, there's a lot of work that
later gets re-done during import or the results of which end up being
discarded, so it can take quite a while even on a modern machine to
import a good number of photos, and frustratingly the cpu utilization
during this period isn't even all that high.


What's the reference as far as an issue tracker right now?

GNOME Bugzilla:


On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 6:22 PM, Ulf Rehmann
<rehmann math uni-bielefeld de> wrote:

Hi Jens Georg,

Welcome! That's nice to hear:

| I picked up Shotwell as a new maintainer today. There will be no
| immediate bang of new features, I'm trying to get a grip on the
| state.

| This is what I'm planning to do:
|  - Release a 0.22.1 today/tomorrow to get the translation
| out
|  - Use the week-end for a bug scrub and prioritisation to
|   - Figure out low-hanging fixes and improvements
|   - Get a grip on the currently most pressing issues
|   - Come up with some kind of roadmap

It would be great if this one could soon be fixed:

All the best,

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