Re: [Shotwell] Taking over

Hi Jens,

Really excited to have someone pick up the torch. 

As far as low-ish hanging features there's a neat branch with some map features: which last I tried (2013?) worked pretty well.

My big wishlist one is faster importing, there's a lot of work that later gets re-done during import or the results of which end up being discarded, so it can take quite a while even on a modern machine to import a good number of photos, and frustratingly the cpu utilization during this period isn't even all that high.

What's the reference as far as an issue tracker right now?


On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 6:22 PM, Ulf Rehmann <rehmann math uni-bielefeld de> wrote:

Hi Jens Georg,

Welcome! That's nice to hear:

 | I picked up Shotwell as a new maintainer today. There will be no
 | immediate bang of new features, I'm trying to get a grip on the current
 | state.

 | This is what I'm planning to do:
 |  - Release a 0.22.1 today/tomorrow to get the translation improvements
 | out
 |  - Use the week-end for a bug scrub and prioritisation to
 |   - Figure out low-hanging fixes and improvements
 |   - Get a grip on the currently most pressing issues
 |   - Come up with some kind of roadmap

It would be great if this one could soon be fixed:

All the best,
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