[Shotwell] The EventTable

This is kind of a followup to my last question.

I have read the description of the EventTable at
https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Shotwell/Architecture/Database , which

    In Shotwell, an event is a grouping of photos based on the time of
their exposure. A primary design note of events is that a photo can
only belong to one event (or none at all). Thus, rather than each row
in an EventTable maintaining it's list of photos, each photo in
PhotoTable maintains an event_id. Thus, EventTable is a pretty simple
table, maintaining only the event's name and it's primary photo (which
is displayed as a thumbnail representing the entire event).

Does this mean that the time of the date event is not stored in the
EventTable, but is only implicitly referred to by the photos that
point to the event? So in order to repair the event pointers, I need
to gather all images from the same date and have them point to common
row of the EventTable?


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