[Shotwell] Various database corruption


I have been using shotwell for a number of years and have now about
46000 photos in my database.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the database has become
corrupted in various ways. i have been struggling with sqlite3 and
python/sqlite3/pandas and have been able to repair some of the
problems. But there are still some serious problems left:

1. After I import new photos, the new photos that were added to the
PhotoTable all have their id column set to NULL.This prevents running
shotwell. I manage to fix this by overriding the photo id with
"rowid+1", whereupon shotwell starts.

2. After importing and rerunning shotwell, the new photos do not
appear in the Event date column. How is the date event encoded in the

There are other problems as well.

It might be easier just to destroy the entire database and rebuild it,
but with so many photos I'm reluctant to do that.

I have also spent lots of hours creating tags for my photos, and I
would like to keep those tags. Actually the TagsTable seems simple
enough, so I could rebuild it manually.

My question is whether there is a document describing the inter table
connection of the database? Before I go down the path of rebuilding
the database, I would like to so if I can manage to build a sanity
check/repair script, that perhaps can save someone other than myself.


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