Re: [Shotwell] Any progress on writing metadata back to Nikon NEF files?

... and I would support 100% the option of implementing the missing feature instead of correcting the log message :)

This is also the case with other RAW files (and RAW+JPEG imports).  I personally saw the same on DNG and ORF images.  I think Shotwell somehow stays away from writing metadata even to JPEG files when they are paired with RAW files.  I'm not sure about the NEF format, maybe it's not even possible to write metadata "into" these files?  For DNG it should work though I think.

There is at least one ticket in the Shotwell bugzilla (or whatever) but last time I saw it -- was still not resolved.


Le Mardi 23 septembre 2014 12h09, Michael Hendry <hendry michael gmail com> a écrit :

This came up some years ago, but I haven’t been able to formulate a search pattern which reveals a solution on the shotwell-list.

Reading the shotwell.log file, I find a claim that metadata are being written to a file...

L 17293 2014-09-23 11:00:55 [MSG] MetadataWriter.vala:623: Completed writing metadata for [77831] /home/michaelhendry/Desktop/Parallels Shared Folders/Home/Pictures/Shotwell Library/2014/09/17/DSC_1969.NEF

… but when I examine this file with “exiv2 -p a” the tag I attached to the file in Shotwell is nowhere to be seen.

The same goes for the companion file DSC_1969.JPG (which was generated by the Camera).

If I add a tag to a stand-alone JPG file, I can find that tag later, using “exiv2 -p a”.

One question: Is this going to be fixed in Shotwell?

One suggestion: If it’s not possible to write the tag to the file, the message in the log should be changed to indicate that.


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