[Shotwell] Any progress on writing metadata back to Nikon NEF files?

This came up some years ago, but I haven’t been able to formulate a search pattern which reveals a solution 
on the shotwell-list.

Reading the shotwell.log file, I find a claim that metadata are being written to a file...

L 17293 2014-09-23 11:00:55 [MSG] MetadataWriter.vala:623: Completed writing metadata for [77831] 
/home/michaelhendry/Desktop/Parallels Shared Folders/Home/Pictures/Shotwell Library/2014/09/17/DSC_1969.NEF

… but when I examine this file with “exiv2 -p a” the tag I attached to the file in Shotwell is nowhere to be 

The same goes for the companion file DSC_1969.JPG (which was generated by the Camera).

If I add a tag to a stand-alone JPG file, I can find that tag later, using “exiv2 -p a”.

One question: Is this going to be fixed in Shotwell?

One suggestion: If it’s not possible to write the tag to the file, the message in the log should be changed 
to indicate that.


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