Re: [Shotwell] Can't import from card, Shotwell 'auto-importing' nothing

Brian, thanks so much for the reply. I think that passing the incorrect flag did, indeed, corrupt the database. Let me explain how my library is set up:

  • I have an external hard drive that mounts at /media/user/XTHD.
  • I have a symlink to it at ~/Camera.
  • I used to have a symlink at /media/XTHD. This was because my external drive would sometimes mount in different places, and I didn't want to fiddle with the udev rules.

I know at some point I had pointed my datadir to the /media/XTHD symlink. This created two watched folders in Shotwell, one of which was simply a symlink pointing to the other. I deleted this symlink, started Shotwell with datadir pointing to the correct location, but that folder is still there in Shotwell and I still have problems.

OK so to address your comment about the location of the data directory: it is not in the base of the hard drive, but it is inside my photo folder. So I have /Camera, which is where all my photos are, and also in this directory is /data and /thumbs. What I'm getting from you is that these need to be in a folder outside of /Camera. Is this correct?

I would imagine the db file could easily find my photos even if I move it, because the paths to the images aren't relative to the location of the db. However, it sounds like I need to dump and regenerate my thumbnails, and I'm wondering how to go about this.

Thanks so much for your help, your explanation was very helpful.

On 11/11/2014 02:19 AM, Brian Masney wrote:
On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 10:38:54PM -0600, 3×5 wrote:
OK. So I tried to use my db.bk file but this gave me the 'malformed'
error immediately and closed Shotwell. So I went to my manual back
up. This will start up fine, until I leave it alone for a few
minutes. Then, It will just keep saying it's auto-importing photos,
and it will do it over and over again. It will get to 100%, then say
it's preparing to auto-import photos, then import to 100% again, and
again. I have no idea what it could be importing, as no camera is
plugged in. Every time it does this, the 'import' is slower and it
slows down the rest of Shotwell more.
I also run shotwell with the datadir flag and I've encountered this same
problem if I pass in the incorrect datadir flag. It sounds like you are
setting your data directory to the base directory of your external hard
drive. Shotwell starts up, sees the thumbnails, thinks they are new
photos, imports them, generates new thumbnails, and the cycle starts
over again.

Most people would think this is overkill but I use git to version my
entire Shotwell library of over 14K photos. It makes it easy to keep
my Shotwell library on multiple computers and it is easy to recover
from situations like this. The main thing that I like about it is that
I can ensure that all of my photos/videos are consistent. I recently had
a hard drive go bad in one of my computers and it was subtly corrupting
files before it finally died. It corrupted several hundred of my photos
and I was able to recover everything using git. I know that git wasn't
designed for storing lots of large binary files but it works fairly
well.  It'll double your disk space requirements but I think the
benefits are far greater. I periodically run 'git gc' to reduce the
amount of disk space required since I have Shotwell write the metadata
back to the photos.


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