Re: [Shotwell] Shotwell embed QR on print page reverse....retrieve by QR tag?

On ma 23. kesäkuuta 2014 22.56.32, Nikita Tsarov wrote:
Can I modify Shotwell Photo Manager to automatically print a QR
identifier on the reverse on any paper pages printed from within
Shotwell Photo Manager??

Any android apps that can be used to QR embed my printed paper pages
from a Shotwell Photo Manager database and then have them retrieved in
that database by scanning the QR code(on the paper page)??

I don't quite follow what you intend to do. Should the Android app
somehow connect to Shotwell on your desktop and open the corresponding
photo? That would require a huge amount of work to accomplish. Or do you
just mean that the QR code should contain the tag names?

Any way to have multiple profiles within the same Ubuntu username

At the moment (in my opinion) the options are quite limited. If you open
shotwell you can specify a data directory by starting it from the
command line (likely called Terminal in Ubuntu)

$ shotwell -d some-directory

Some settings, such as where to store photos are linked to your user
account, so in my opinion this is only a partial solution.

I think it would be best if the library location, import, and metadata
settings would be stored in the data directory instead of GSettings.
Opinions on this?

Daniel Landau

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