[Shotwell] Shotwell Kudos


It's taken me a few years, but I'm finally on-board with Shotwell and loving it.

I had wanted to switch a few years ago when f-spot first started getting flaky, but Shotwell's lack of RAW+JPEG support, followed by that period when the RAW developer would create a developed copy of every picture sort of kept me away.

In recent months, f-spot has become completely unusable to me, with constant crashes, losing its ability to import straight from my camera, and most recently, not processing the dates properly from photos saved with an Adobe product.

Long story short, Shotwell imported my ~16K f-spot library flawlessly, with all modified datestamps and everything, only creating raw-developed "underscore" files when no JPEG image exists. It imports correctly from my camera, and I'm digging the event grouping of photos.


Only a few issues to report, I think most of them are known:

- When I delete a raw+jpeg picture while viewing it, shotwell develops "underscore" files 1, 2, 3, and then sometimes crashes. I think it might be timing.

- When the picture mentioned gets deleted, the "underscore" files stay. They might not have been registered in the db before the crash.

- I had the "rename lowercase" on import enabled, and I found that the CR2s were getting lowercased while the JPGs were not (or vice versa). I had to disable the feature, because in case I ever have to pair these back up manually, there could be a lot of headache.

Aside from the issues, Shotwell does exactly what I need, and does it well. Good work, developers.


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