Re: [Shotwell] New publishing plugin for Shotwell

Petr, I found one issue with your plugin: it stores the user's password in GSettings rather than an authentication token of some kind.  Can you respond on the ticket itself rather than here?

You may need to create an account with GNOME Bugzilla.


-- Jim

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Jim Nelson <jim yorba org> wrote:
Hi Petr,

So far I don't see any issue with taking this patch for the next release of Shotwell.  We will be adding it to the Shotwell Extras plugins, which are plugins maintained by the community and not Yorba itself.

I still need to look over the code for any big issues.  I've created a ticket to track adding your plugin to the code base:

In the future, please submit changes as patch files, not archives.  It makes it much easier to evaluate the changes and prepare the commit.

Also, please don't use a tarball to develop from -- your code was developed against an older version of Shotwell, and much has changed since.  Also, we don't distribute in the tarball the plugin samples directory you were asking about, as they're not installed.  You can pull the latest Shotwell directly from


-- Jim

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 3:39 AM, Petr H. <petr henych gmail com> wrote:

I'm a new member of this mailing list and the reason of contacting you is the following sentence from Shotwell Wiki:
If you feel your plugin is worthy of being included with Shotwell’s core plugins, please contact us on the Shotwell mailing list.

We finished and successfully tested the first version of publishing plugin for Shotwell two moths ago. You'll find its source code attached to this message. For couple of reasons we'd like to include our plugin into Shotwell distribution. Not among core plugins, but among extra publishing plugins (i.e. the same position like Yandex or Thumblr plugins already have). So my first question stands: Can be our plugin included into Shotwell extra plugins ? If yes, under what conditions ?

If your answer will "No, under no circumstances" (I hope not), there are several technical issues:
When I install our plugin into ~/.gnome2/shotwell/plugins, according to Shotwell Wiki, module is recognized by Shotwell on startup and works as expected. But our plugin must be re-enabled every time on Shotwell startup, which is very frustrating. In other words, the setting is not persistent across the sessions.
I suppose the installing a new key into GSetting schema /org/yorba/shotwell/plugins/enable-state/ would help. But I still haven't found the way how to do that (adding a new key among existing ones) in installation script, even running in superuser more. No problem to create a key in a new path, but overwhelming problem to merge a key into existing path. Maybe not for developers with rich experiences with Gnome (different from me)?
Do you have any advice how to avoid necessity of enabling custom plugin on each Shotwell startup?

Is there more or newer information for plugin developers? Shotwell Wiki talks about simple plugin in samples/ directory, but I haven't seen any sample directory inside Shotwell source tarball.

At the end, a brief description of our web service: (alias http://www.rajce.idnes.czis the largest web service for sharing photos and videos in Czech Republic (and maybe even in Central Europe). Currently about 787,000 users sharing 7,590,000 albums with 598,000,000 photos. We already have a special client application for uploading photos on Windows platform. For the other platforms we'd like to go in the way of plugins for popular photo managers, like Shotwell on Linux is.

Best regards

Petr Henych, developer

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