[Shotwell] TIFF images multiple pages

I have been using Shotwell with camera images, works great. The
other day I chanced to open a tiff file with it, it opened fast and the
tiff was very readable, but many of my tiff images are multiple page,
I tried to see if there was a way to view the other pages of a multi-
tiff page but appears to be no joy.

Is there something I am not finding to be able to open multi-page
tiff files or is it just not there.

My experience with Linux and tiff images has been rather problem-
atic. Seems that you find something that will open the files and they
are rendered most horribly unless you zoom way in, then all of the
broken lines mend and you can see a chunk of what you were looking
at, now you will have to move the view around to see all of the tiff as
it has been zoomed so much that a full view is a dream.

The other one has been to find a piece of soft ware that does open
a multi-page tiff, then find that something gets broken with a up-
grade and now some critical part no longer works (the case with
Okular, it opened multi-page tiff's, but no longer now.

I have many gb of machine drawings and I would like to be able to
view them on my linux machines. But so far it is a moving target.


Chuck Hast  -- KP4DJT --
Glass, five thousand years of history and getting better.
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