[Shotwell] Search multiple tags the easy way

I wonder if it is possible to search pictures tagged with more than one tag. Lets say I have tags a,b,c,d and want to search pictures tagged with a and c. It is not possible to use simple search: once it is not focused on tags only and it only allows to put one tag at a time. So the only solution is to use Saved search but is is not very convenient:
- it is slow: to much mouse clicks, typing, opening windows
- I don't need to save this search when just using one time search with some tags combination
- the tags are not autocompleted when typing

I whish that the simple search box could be set to be only tags aware (or any other criterion, it should be of course on option) and there I could type as many tags (autocompleted or livesearched) as needed separated with commas. That would be the fastest possible way of filtering/searching. IMHO of course.


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