[Shotwell] Shotwell Tags not show up in RAW Image metadata

If is use following command to access image file,

>exiftool /home/rakithab/Pictures/2013/11/02/DSC_7074.JPG | grep Keywords

I get,
Keywords                        : halloween, test

So I can access the Shotwell tag I have put into the image. I have enabled to write tags information into image meta file. 

Now if I use the same command on a raw file with shotwell tags added, I cannot access the tags similar way to JPG file. 

> exiftool /home/rakithab/Pictures/2013/11/24/DSC_7108_NEF_shotwell.jpg | grep Keywords

I get nothing but I can see the tags for this image if I check it using Shotwell. 
Any help would be appreciated on how to access shotwell tags on RAW files. I also tried with the command,

identify -verbose <file_name>

 and it works for JPG but not for RAW


Rakitha Beminiwattha

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