Re: Passhprase not stored when entered through "Configure Key for Secure Shell" dialog

On 01/28/2011 03:56 PM, Matthijs Kooijman wrote:
> I've observed an issue with the storing of passphrases for SSH keys.
> From within Seahorse, when I right-click an SSH key and pick "Configure
> Key for Secure Shell" option and enter some hostname, I get a prompt for
> the passphrase for that particular key (If I didn't unlock it before).
> Now, when I enter a passphrase and check "Automatically unlock this
> keyring whenever I'm logged in", the key gets unlocked, but the
> passphrase does not get stored in my login keyring as I would expect.
> When I complete the process, lock the key again with "ssh-add -D" and
> connect to that particular host with ssh, I get the same passphrase
> prompt again. If I now check the same checkbox, the passphrase does get
> stored normally. I've already tried restarting seahorse after entering
> my passphrase to rule out a cache / display issue.
> I'm not exactly sure if this is a gnome-keyring issue (I think the
> dialog is from gnome-keyring) or a seahorse issue (since it only seems
> to occur when the dialog is triggered from seahorse), but I got the idea
> that those projects are tied pretty closely anyway.
> All of this is using version 2.30.1, but looking at the changelogs for
> recent (development) releases suggests nothing related was changed since
> then.
> Can others confirm this behaviour?

Hmmm. I can't duplicate this behavior, but that may be due to recent fixes.



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