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On Wed, 2010-03-31 at 18:15 -0400, Adam Schreiber wrote:
> I'm not familiar with what's needed for Debianizing.  Do you have a
> pointer to what you mean?
> Thanks,
> Adam 

Hey Adam,

Debianizing just means to make the build environment able to produce
relevant debian packages for Debian based GNU operating systems, like
Debian, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Maemo, etc..

Usually this just means adding a debian folder in the source root which
contains some configuration and scripts to control how this is done.

This is how to debianize any project:

And probably the best starting point would be to see how Debian has
applied their downstream patch to your project to accomplish said. On a
Debian based system, run "apt-get source seahorse" and it will download
their patched version of your upstream tarball.

If you look on the right, the source package consists of three files.
The dsc is some kind of manifest / checksum / metadata, the orig.tar.gz
is the upstream tarball source snapshot they used and unmodified, and
the diff.gz are the changes they applied to debianize it. Running
"apt-get source seahorse" on a Debian based system gets the tarball and
automatically applies the downstream patch to it.

I hope that helps.

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