Re: seahorse distcheck broken

Adam Schreiber wrote:
> distcheck isn't so much broken as adding gtk-doc to a source tree
> requires adding the --enable-gtk-doc switch for distcheck to pass.
> I've discovered in making releases that there's an error on the l.g.o
> maintainers guide.  The instructions say to run ./ && make
> && make install & make distcheck but it should really say ./
> && make & make distcheck.  Now with gtk-doc included our procedure
> needs to be ./ --enable-gtk-doc && make & make distcheck.

Yes, I did this, as I usually have to do for gnome-keyring. It was with
that switch that 'make distcheck' produced the above error.

> PS: Can you take a look at the libcryptui/DBus regressions that break
> all key/signer selection functionality in seahorse-plugins.  I'm doing
> a presentation on seahorse tonight at a LUG meeting and have had to
> install seahorse-daemon from 2.24.x and seahorse and seahorse plugins
> from trunk to make things work.

For sure. Do you have the link to the bug reports handy?



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