Re: Synthesis of the seahorse 'asc' bug + bypass + fix + remaining problems

On Nov 19, 2007 4:55 PM, Marc Meurrens <marc meurrens org> wrote:
> The key importation is completely silent. So you don't know if the
> importation was successfull or not.
> However in the message
> with subject ANNOUNCEMENT: Seahorse 2.20
> the list of Changes between 1.0 and 2.20
> announced a.o. "Give more detail for imported keys. [Adam Schreiber]"

The key import from nautilus has been silent since an upgrade in the
key handling machinery.  The ChangeLog entry refers to keys imported
via the DBus method only for right now.  Until I get the time to look
at it, any patches that change seahorse-tool to use the DBus method
instead of the GPGME method are welcome.

> I suppose the seahorse developers will take the measures after the bug :
> will be carried on by

I attempted to bug the dev the bug is assigned to on IRC and was
informed he's on parental leave.  I will now attempt to contact his



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