Text scaling for the preview window

I am currently writing a screensaver which, among other things, displays some text in a gtk TextView widget.  Running full screen, the text widget displays as a side bar which provides information relevant to what's going on in the larger part of the screen, and all this works fine.  However, in the preview, the text still displays at normal size, doesn't fit in the TextView, and looks stupid.

Obviously, the text should be scaled down (I imagine the the preview window should appear as a miniature version of the full screen screensaver).  What I was wondering was if there are any conventions, or best practices for scaling text for the preview window.  Should I scale the font down from the system default based on the relative size of the preview window to the monitor resolution?  That would at least achieve the goal of making the preview look like a miniature version of the full screen - but it seems inelegant to me (also, I'm not very familiar with gtk TextViews, but I suspect that they're not really designed to be scaled down in size arbitrarily?).  Alternatively, I could just not display the text at all in the preview window, though this also seems a bit arbitrary.

So, is there any other convention, or should I just go ahead and do my best to make the preview look like a miniature of the full screen display?

Thank you,


P.S. Is there a better way to detect if you're in a preview than to check the window size?

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