Fingerprint-gui and embedded keyboard

As I am currently using a tablet PC I pretty often need to lock it, as my collegues are sometimes quite immature.

Anyway to unlock the screen I use either the fingerprint-gui from (i does the job perfectly)

and sometimes the onscreen keyboard.

I need both of these as sometimes I can't get the fingerprint to work.

As of recently the matchbox-keyboard which I had embedded (not having the fingerprint-gui plugin was a pain) stopped responding. After the screen came back on the keyboard was just blank.

So to sum I've got two questions :

1. Are there any other keyboards I can embedde into the screensaver or is the matchbox going to be fixed in some futer release

2. Is it possible to embedde two keyborads, I mean one would run the keyboard command the other the fingerprint-plugin.

Thank you for any suggestions or information on embedding two different "keyboards".

Eagerly awaiting a response


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