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Hi Grant,

I'm cc'ing the screensaver list.

On 1/18/07, Grant Williamson <grant williamson gmail com> wrote:
Hello William,
    I work for a company where we maintain a number of linux desktops,
we have in the past used flash files, to display custom screensavers on
linux. We used xscreensaver and gflashplayer, worked reasonably well. I
am curious if there is a way to do this with gnome-screensaver.

I have tried making desktop files in /usr/share/applications/screensaver
and either running the command * from there or linking it to an
executable script in /usr/libexec/gnome-screensaver, however
gflashplayer only gets launched after gnome-screensaver exits. Any
idea's how I can get gnome-screensaver to call this command? Wrapper or
something ..

*/opt/gflashplayer/ -root /opt/screensavers/test.swf

I don't want to go back to xscreensaver, rather use what the
distribution provides, that being gnome-screensaver.

Thanks in advance,

I haven't used this before so I grabbed the FP9 standalone player [1]
to test this.

It seems like FP9 has renamed the player from gflashplayer to flashplayer.

% flashplayer -h
Usage: flashplayer [OPTION]... [SWF_FILE]...
 -h, --help            Display this help and exit
 -root                 Use root window for xscreensaver
                       [SWF_FILE] required in this mode
 -window-id <id>       Window ID for xscreensaver-demo preview

Report bugs to <flashplayerunix macromedia com>.

We won't be able to use the -root option with gnome-screensaver
because we don't mess with virtual roots but simply rely on the
$XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW environment variable.  So, we should be able to
use window-id.  For example, this is how I would expect it to work:

* make sure flashplayer is in /usr/bin or similar
* install a script like the one attached to this message into
* install a .desktop file like the one attached into the directory
listed by `pkg-config --variable=themesdir gnome-screensaver`

However, at least in the version that I have it doesn't seem to
recognize the -window-id option.  Does this work for you?  If not then
perhaps we should report this as a bug to
<flashplayerunix macromedia com>.



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