New branch: misc-1.9

Hi all,

so there's a new branch in GIT: misc-1.9

What's it about? Well, basically changes in SawfishConfig and (possibly) integration of thirdparty-scripts (from Wiki).

What's new as of now?

- new widget for SawfishConfig: image (:type image), heavily modified version of the one recently uploaded - replaced ancient file-browser with file-chooser-button in file widget (:type file) (:type file-name) (:type program) (:type program-name) - added background.jl (as wallpaper.jl), the one recently uploaded to the Wiki, in a heavily modified version, allowing to additionally also set the wallpaper for GNOME2 or XFCE4 (though it's main intend is to have a GUI for wallpaper settings, when using sawfish standalone), currently missing an option for additional parameters to the wallpaper setting application, but I'll add that soon


- 'file and 'image widgets don't get serialized => unusable from .jlc files (quick fix: no

Planned stuff:

- fix above bug
- more fancyness in UI. As you can see from the attached screenshot, the 'image widget as a way better layout:
|       |  ______
|       | |______|
|       | |______|

the three widges are arranged inside a GTKTable (all three), the second column contains a GtkVbox for the GktFileChooserButton and GktEntry, thus the much better look'n'feel, compared to most other widgets (see the lowest option, there the two-line GtkLabel increases the height of the GtkComboBox). I'll be aiming for all widgets to have a better layout.


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