Re: [ANNOUNCE] librep 0.92.0

On Sun, 01 May 2011 09:27:32 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> [0.92.0] of librep is available now.
> This release changes installation-paths, so you'll need to update all modules 
> (rep-gtk, sawfish and sawfish-pager // new versions will be rolled-out today).

It's very kind to notice it here (great :), but it's the librep-0.92.0
news that should primarily say that it's incompatible with old rep-gtk
and so on. ("soname bump" can be overlooked. "Important news:...";
would be good.) Could you add it to the distributed news and wiki news
page? It's better than to leave it undone.

I haven't actually installed them yet, but thanks a lot.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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