Re: mxflat theme broken with current git

famrom infernal-iceberg com (2011-05-16 at 2355.01 +0200):
> Hi,
> zanghar freenet de (2011-05-13 at 2247.02 +0200):
> > - flip-viewport while-moving should temporarly set
> > scroll-viewport-steps to 1 (just for better look)
> Do you mean animate pixel by pixel? Better look is relative, some
> prefer their computers to not be tied to physical limits (or put other
> way: snappy animations as just one frame at 60Hz, 16ms, and anything
> above 50ms feels heavy). ;] I remember trying one pan script long ago
> and getting rid of it after a couple of minutes of seeing everying
> move like snails.

*blush* forget it... 1 is the "instant mode", just looked, I
remembered the definition flipped (1/N). Well, maybe others want it to
animate for fractions of a second? :]


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