Re: [NEWS] theming-1.9 branch started

Ah ok. Now I see what you mean. The attached patch (= lastest commit) *should* do it, but it doesnt work?

Hmm... according to src/frames.c this is the correct order.

commit 84c584edfc93c9c7ee7e05f388a6d9d6f607299c
Author: Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
Date:   Sat May 14 19:12:54 2011 +0200

    added options for changing highlight and clicked font-colors for inactive tabs and titlebars

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index c67cbc7..5444c9a 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -11,6 +11,9 @@
 	* themes/StyleTab/theme.jl: updated to use frame-font instead of
 	default-font. Remove custom-font-setting option from StyleTab
+	* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: added options for chaning highlight and
+	clicked font-colors for inactive tabs and titlebars
 2011-05-13  Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
 	* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: add possibility to also change the
 	font-color for highlighted and clicked frames regardless of theme
diff --git a/lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl b/lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl
index 547c4e5..251a308 100644
--- a/lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl
+++ b/lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl
@@ -174,7 +174,9 @@ by the current theme, then FALLBACK-TYPE is used instead.")
                                       (list frame-font-inactive-color
-					    frame-font-clicked-color)
+					    frame-font-clicked-color
+					    frame-font-inactive-highlight-color
+					    frame-font-inactive-clicked-color)
               '(title tabbar-horizontal))
       (mapc (lambda (fc) (remove-frame-part-value fc 'foreground t))
@@ -268,6 +270,13 @@ generate.")
     :depends use-custom-font-color
     :after-set (lambda () (update-frame-font-color)))
+  (defcustom frame-font-inactive-highlight-color "white"
+    "Font color for inactive highligted frames"
+    :type color
+    :group appearance
+    :depends use-custom-font-color
+    :after-set (lambda () (update-frame-font-color)))
   (defcustom frame-font-clicked-color "grey85"
     "Font color for clicked frames"
     :type color
@@ -275,6 +284,13 @@ generate.")
     :depends use-custom-font-color
     :after-set (lambda () (update-frame-font-color)))
+  (defcustom frame-font-inactive-clicked-color "grey85"
+    "Font color for inactive clicked frames"
+    :type color
+    :group appearance
+    :depends use-custom-font-color
+    :after-set (lambda () (update-frame-font-color)))
 ;;; managing frame types
   (define (define-frame-type-mapper fun)

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