[NEWS] theming-1.9 branch started

Hi all,

the third branch for 1.9 is now online! This one will contain changes
regarding themes. First changes:

- add native (read: all themes) support for also changing the font-color for
  highlighted and clicked titles (previously only active/inactive)

- make changing font-colors work with tabbar-horizontal (tabbar-vertical
  doesn't show any text (yet))

- remove custom font-color changing options from StyleTab (no longer required)

Goal is to make the most of the options available for all themes, rather than
having too much clutter around.

Other options to be included would be frame-width, frame-font (separated from
prompt/message font) and titlebar-height for example.

Also extra functionality is planed, eg: vertical titlebars showing text or
`rich-title' like stuff (rich-title is a wiki-script that allows to modify the
titlebar-text with user-given stuff).

As always: feedback, suggestions and patches welcome :]


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