Re: mxflat theme broken with current git

> You are right, probably my own copy of mxflat was causing the
> problems. When I started using the one coming with sawfish the error
> dialog window went away and mxflat was running.
> However I came across another problem, namely that when I have 3 x 3
> viewports as you could see in my attached .sawfishrc and turned on
> edge flipping by pointer, things got screwed up. When I start from the
> top left viewport and move with the mouse to the right, I'm in the top
> row middle viewport when move the mouse to the right again, I end up
> in the top right viewport. When moving back left, the middle viewport
> sometimes gets skipped and immediately I end up in the top left
> viewport. The strange thing is that I can't reproduce this
> consistently, sometimes it all works well, sometimes the middle
> viewport gets skipped.
> Did you see such a thing when you tried using my settings?

I'll check it soon (unless fuchur is faster), though atleast with my config it 
doesn't happen (is it a new issue, or did you have it before 1.8.0, too?).

> Cheers,
> Daniel

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