Re: mxflat theme broken with current git


On Sun, 1 May 2011 10:23:05 +0200
wrote Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com>:

>> OK. Your mxflat config is fine, so it must be some problem in conjunction
>> with
>> your custom config. Could you please attach your $HOME/.sawfishrc (or
>> $HOME/.sawfish/rc) and $HOME/.sawfish/custom?
>I've attached both .sawfishrc and .sawfish/custom. As you can see in
>.sawfishrc I use the old window menu, but I guess that should not
>Thanks again Chris for looking into this!

If have move my ~/.sawfish file to ~/.sawfish-old and have use a new
~/.sawfish folder with your sawfishrc and custom files. I got none
errors here. I can run mxflat and all other themes here witout errors
with your settings. It is possible that you use a "old" mxflat theme
from ~/.sawfish/themes? Sawfish 1.8.0 install a mxflat themes by
default. Can you test it with a empty ~/.sawfish/themes folder?


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