Re: Completely disable edge-actions?

On Thursday 24 March 2011 14:16:18 Omen Wild wrote:
> Is there any way to completely disable the edge-actions?  I just upgraded
> to 1.8.0 and can no longer left or right click (bound to raise-window and
> lower-window) the window borders that are along the screen borders when
> the cursor is all the way at the edge.  Clicks to window borders in the
> middle of the screen work just fine, so I am guessing this is from
> edge-actions.  If I move the mouse a couple pixels from the screen edge
> the raise/lower actions work fine.  I tried setting
> hot-spots-corner-length to 0, but that didn't solve the problem.
> So, how can I completely disable edge-actions?
> Thanks,
>    Omen

It should only effect 1 px from the screen-border (hot-spot-coner-lenght is 
across the screen-border not inside the screen, that's why it won't help).

Try (activate-edges nil)


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