Re: Sawfish without Gnome

On Thursday 17 March 2011 15:07:11 Session13 wrote:
> Hi,
> I've used Sawfish successuflly with Gnome but now I want to use it
> without Gnome or any other Desktop Environment.
> Right now I have clean Debian stable netinst installation with sawfish
> package installed. When running `sawfish' as root there is a `can't open
> display' error. What should I do to run Sawfish?
> Thanks for your help

Install a display-manager like GDM or KDM and select 'Sawfish' as session-type.

You can't start Sawfish from the terminal, as it -of course- requires a running 
XServer. Also you shouldn't do that as root, as you would be logged in as root 

When using Sawfish stand-alone you might check things like the LXDE Session-
Manager (so that you have autostart capatibilities) or SawfishPager.


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