Re: [sawfish] Re: sawfish-pager broken?

9 hours ago, Allan Duncan wrote:
> On 30/01/11 07:44, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> > 10 hours ago, Allan Duncan wrote:
> >>
> >> Can't help directly but if you are using Gnome, rather than KDE,
> >> the provided "Workspace Switcher" and "Window List" work fine.
> >
> > Bah.  Even if it does show viewports too (I can't try it now, "add
> > to panel" won't work and I'm far from being motivated to see
> > what's
> Well it's on _my_ panel.

Yeah -- it was a demonstration for how fragile gnome stuff can be,
making it a bad idea if I want to rely on that stuff.

> > wrong), it's still suffers from the usual gnome-itis.  For
> > example, shoving 3 desktops each with a 2x2 viewport configuration
> > into the panel would make it too small to be useful, so now I need
> > to create a new panel and play with placing it at the right
> > place...  And even if I do all of that there's the question of
> > what happens when I next upgrade my system and all the gnome
> > tweaks get lost in a puff of incompatibility.
> Well each to his own, I prefer one workspace with 3 wide by 2 high
> viewports.

Obviously this is a question of taste.  I use workspaces for different
kinds of work, and viewports inside workspaces are for organization.
Another point against gnome is that for a really long time it was
completely broken when there are more than one session with different
screen geometries -- at least that thing got resolved (but when I
complained about it, the first reaction was along the line of "why
would you use more than one session??".  *sigh*).

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