[sawfish] Re: sawfish-pager broken?

Earlier today, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> SawfishPager from GIT does work with Sawfish GIT.

Where is the git repo?  -- When I tried the advertised link it didn't

> Also the issue with the non- showing windows doesn't occur here.

The window does show -- but looking at the code I don't see anything
where it waits for the window to appear, so it looks like something
that might work on a system that would pop the window up fast enough.
In other words, a real bug.

10 hours ago, Allan Duncan wrote:
> Can't help directly but if you are using Gnome, rather than KDE, the
> provided "Workspace Switcher" and "Window List" work fine.

Bah.  Even if it does show viewports too (I can't try it now, "add to
panel" won't work and I'm far from being motivated to see what's
wrong), it's still suffers from the usual gnome-itis.  For example,
shoving 3 desktops each with a 2x2 viewport configuration into the
panel would make it too small to be useful, so now I need to create a
new panel and play with placing it at the right place...  And even if
I do all of that there's the question of what happens when I next
upgrade my system and all the gnome tweaks get lost in a puff of

OTOH, I've had that sawfish pager setup in my .sawfishrc for probably
a decade or more, with no such problems.

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