Re: ongoing problem with enter-exit focus

> Andrew A. Adams writes:
> > 
> > There's something on focus I've been meaning to raise as well. I have my 
> > focus set to "enter only" since I want to be able to move the pointer onto 
> > the root background and retain focus on the window. However, when I lower a 
> > window, focus does not shift to the window I "enter" which is beneath the 
> > current pointer position after the lowering. To me this should be at least an 
> > optional setting available (that lowering a window and the mouse pointer thus 
> > "entering" another window without passing that window's border should shift 
> > focus) and possibly it should be the default action, with an option to switch 
> > it off.
> That sounds like the problem discussed in the thread "Broken
> enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3" in November and December 2009.
> Take a look at the archives:

That does seem to be the same issue, yes. Thanks for the link. I suspect I've 
got very old config files (I've been using sawfish since it was the default 
Gnome WM and really hate changing my productivity processes so try to keep 
everything the same - one of the reasons I'm still on sawfish).

So, I think the problem is from my custom file here:

(custom-set-keymap (quote title-keymap) (quote (keymap 
(move-window-interactively . "Button1-Move") (toggle-window-shaded . 
"Button1-Click2") (resize-window-interactively . "Button2-Move") 
(raise-lower-window . "Button3-Click1"))))

So, what should I have "raise-lower-window" set to in the s-expr to correctly 
get the focus? Also, these others are also set for clicks, not "offs" so what 
should I be changing them to?

Professor Andrew A Adams                      aaa meiji ac jp
Professor at Graduate School of Business Administration,  and
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

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