Re: ongoing problem with enter-exit focus

Andrew A. Adams writes:
> There's something on focus I've been meaning to raise as well. I have my 
> focus set to "enter only" since I want to be able to move the pointer onto 
> the root background and retain focus on the window. However, when I lower a 
> window, focus does not shift to the window I "enter" which is beneath the 
> current pointer position after the lowering. To me this should be at least an 
> optional setting available (that lowering a window and the mouse pointer thus 
> "entering" another window without passing that window's border should shift 
> focus) and possibly it should be the default action, with an option to switch 
> it off.

That sounds like the problem discussed in the thread "Broken
enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3" in November and December 2009.
Take a look at the archives:


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

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