Re: Getting away from GNOME #5

The Mailinglist runs fine. Will check tomorrow again (archive not made in real-
time (well, GNOME's, too - so no drawback here))

> > By the way, is there a modern replacement of bugzilla? We don't rely
> > on it so much, but bugzilla is awkward.
> We can setup webspace on TuxFamily. I'll check whether it meets the
> requirements for the FlySpray Ticket-System (MySQL is available / we could
> use this one - it's lightweight, fast, and less confussing in the admin
> backend).
> ( could be a redirect to, and
> would contain FlySpray)

It does. I'll add a MySQL DB and Webspace and do some testing, once ready, 
I'll give you all links for trying things out.


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