[merge request] Doc, rename-window, joe.

Hi. Please merge my branch.

* Jump-or-exec: Full doc. Handling of "onfocused" and "prog" 
  is extended. (See log and the manual.)
* Doc: News improvements. (Still far from complete for 1.8.0)
  Improvements and update of Enter / Leave / Focus-in-out hooks doc.
  Some functions which return window geometry were confusing, but
  clarified now.
* Rename-window
** Edits after 1.6.0 were reverted, but manually, and wrongly. It's complete nowe.
** Renamed functions
   rename-window-func -> rename-window
   rename-window-interactive -> deleted. Use (call-commnad 'rename-window).
* Exported necessary symbols in src/flippers.c
* Misc.

Happy New Year, Sawfish users!
Teika (Teika kazura)

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