Re: ** to GIT source users ** Some incompatibility in "StyleTab"

> I'll test it right now. One more thing: when you cycle through windows via
> Alt+Tab or select it from the window-group, do the other tabs raise
> accordingly? They don't on my system.
> (Not that a big deal, just wanted to know, whether my settings influence
> it).
> Chris

It's not working here. What happens is:

moving a window causes one of the tabs to iconify, the other one "untabs". 
Then I bring back the iconified one, it's no more part of the tabgroup, but 
there's now a hole, there the second window previously was.

Also it's unbearable slow when opaque is used as animator (not to mention the 
ultra-ugly drawings (opaque is drawn negative, when your patch is applied)).

The original code behaves better.


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