Re: tab-group idea; named tabgroup

> Named tabgroup enables "automatic tabbing". For example, by using
> the matcher, you can assign a tabgroup, e.g. "tg-terminal" to your
> xterm windows.  Then when an xterm window appears, it gets tabbed,
> combining to exisiting xterms.

That sounds very interessting. I'm sure that would be a nice gimmick for all 
tab-users outwhere.

> * In my opinion tab-raise-on-hover has nothing to do with tab, and
>   should be called raise-on-enter-title, but I haven't considered this
>   enough yet. Just a notfication at this moment; I'll say more
>   later. (This may desereve opening a new thread; it's bad to push all
>   in one thread.)

That's no more true. Since fuchurs updates to tabs it does only raise when 
window-tabbed-p is true. (say it does now, what it name suggests).

>   * Ah, Chris, please add a named command to keymaps. Tooltip of
>   anonymous commands look ugly.

I'll check this.

> Exaktweise!! (Sorry for my Däutsch. ;)



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