Re: ** to GIT source users ** Some incompatibility in "StyleTab"

> Patch for tabgroup. Changelog:
> Makes sure we call only the hooks from tabgroup.jl if a window is
> "tabbed".
> Rename reframe-style to style in tab-refresh-group.
> Replace "reframe-window" with "rebuild-frame" in tab-refresh-group for
> type.
> Make tab-group-window work with "no-click" mode work.
> Makes sure that a window is in a tabgroup you can also add to a other.
> Styletab/theme.jl
> Make Button2-Off for menubutton work.
> Add call-after-state-changed for "sticky fixed-position stacking" to
> makes it work with the changes in tabgroug (only call if a
> window not "tabbed").
> get-S-tabbed/theme.jl and Elberg-tabbed/theme.jl remove old comments
> (Sometimes it could be necessary to call "call-after-state-changed" for
> tabthemes).
> Keybindigs for tabbar "add to group" and "tab release window" must be
> different now. I have add a picture from my settings to this mail. If
> it also work by all other (click)settings please replace the default
> tabbar keybindigs with different for add and release.
> This tab need more testing wit different settigns!

That's great! I'll commit it with your suggested keybindings (they are more 
like the original tab (middle mouse button to tab & so on).

So now there 3+ tabs in non-click modes work, I'd say it's OK to release RC2 
on this weekend.


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