Re: [merge request] Tab rework

On Friday 11 February 2011 09:52:41 Teika Kazura wrote:
> Hi. Please merge my branch. It's styletab rework.
> * compressed long 'defcustom's using mapc.
> * Improved tabbar-rotating commands definition.
>   You may have to delete styletab-related parts in ~/.sawfish/custom.
>   (See another email I've sent.)
>   Definitions are now collected into one function. (Side effect
>   is it's less bug-prone.)
>   For users, tooltip is shown for tab-rotating button. (This was
>   what I wanted originally.)
>   Keybinding is changed a bit, but I believe it's easy to understand.
> * typo fix 'frame-typ' -> 'frame-type'. It accompanies many image
>   filenames change.  Other minor typo fix: rigth -> right, hight ->
>   height (Fuchur, from now on please get accustomed to these new
>   spellings. :)

I guess it's a german's illness. (like japanese, german is a phonetic 
language, thus a letter that's not pronounced isn't written and each letter 
has it's own pronouncation. Basically english is a dialect of german (btw the 
last indo-germanic language in the world), but the mixed a lot with french (a 
romanic lanuage), thus the confusion.)

right would be reid (or reit, depending on the dialect), and height would be 
hief (or hiev depending on the dialect), also h after g doesn't make sense in 
german as the h is used to make vocals "longer" (say ahhhh = aaaaa and so on).

I don't like the english language, it has a bad language-melody, they 
pronounce the same letter in three different ways ("a") and the grammatics for 
present perfect... (it's past but it's not really past, indeed that's somewhat 
german, but they mixed Perfekt and Plusquamperfekt -- that makes the confusion 
for us germans complete).

I wonder would would have happened, if Mark Twain would have been a german and 
would have written his books about the english language?

So enough ranting about the english language. ;]


> It's still work-in-progress, but it was better to send earlier to
> avoid edit collision for me. Please feel free to edit theme.jl
> without minding me.
> I'm glad to have contributed to StyleTab, which is really great.
> Teika (Teika kazura)

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