[merge request] Tab rework

Hi. Please merge my branch. It's styletab rework.
* compressed long 'defcustom's using mapc.
* Improved tabbar-rotating commands definition.
  You may have to delete styletab-related parts in ~/.sawfish/custom.
  (See another email I've sent.)

  Definitions are now collected into one function. (Side effect
  is it's less bug-prone.)
  For users, tooltip is shown for tab-rotating button. (This was
  what I wanted originally.)
  Keybinding is changed a bit, but I believe it's easy to understand.

* typo fix 'frame-typ' -> 'frame-type'. It accompanies many image
  filenames change.  Other minor typo fix: rigth -> right, hight ->
  height (Fuchur, from now on please get accustomed to these new
  spellings. :)

It's still work-in-progress, but it was better to send earlier to 
avoid edit collision for me. Please feel free to edit theme.jl
without minding me.

I'm glad to have contributed to StyleTab, which is really great.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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