Re: Themes for 3.0

> I have work on tab support.
> Changes in tabgroup.jl:
> Add "tabbed" to window properties if a window is in a tabbgroup and
> remove it if release from group.
> Add window-tabbed-p t if window in tabbgroup.


> Don't use sawfish default groups for tabbed windows.
> Only raise a tabbed-window if it is in tabgroup and get focus, and put
> the select ( last event window / focus ) at the heights position in
> tabgroup.

If I interpret correctly, raise-tabs-on-hover works now as expected? Cool.

> Fix focus (give focus to last event window).
> Add support for title-position call from theme.jl
> Fix overlapping bug
> (

Janeck will be happy, you fixed that bug :)

> Changes in theme.jl:
> Improve icon switch.
> With default and my custom settings it works, no overlapping,
> windows/tabs got correct focus and so on. Please test it also with
> yours settings and report if is something wrong. Thanks.

I'm going to test right now.

Thanks a lot for your efforts,

PS: Now you can't say anymore "I'm not a developer" ;)

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