Re: apps-menu patch [Re: New tab themes]

> >
> Ok, got this fixed, thanks for sending the desktop files.  Attached
> patch fixes this bug you found and adds 'ScreenLets' to the 'Desktop'
> category, so will show up in the apps-menu now, unless otherwise
> discarded.
> Cheers

Hmm.. actually screenlet's .desktop files are only meant for session-managers 
for autostarting screenlets, those .desktop should never pop-up in a menu nor 
should they reside in $HOME/.local/share/applications or 
/usr/share/applications, they should be in $HOME/.config/autostart.

... hmm. I doubt on letting them pop-up. I would supress them.

Either way I'll commit your patch to fix the issue.

As always: thanks for spending your freetime on improving Sawfish!

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