Re: cutting and pasting with keyboard

On Monday 07 February 2011 06:19:55 D M German wrote:
> Thanks Teika,
> I wonder, if there is a "x-get-selection", why is there no
> "x-set-selection"?
> and why is there no sawfish function "paste-primary-selection"?
> I am starting to develop a weird type of "thumb tendonitis" on a X201
> tablet (it is wider than my x61 tablet, and I think that is putting
> stress on my thumb). Anyways, what I need is a way to avoid using the
> trackpoint buttons as much as I can. So I'll keep fighting ;)
> --dmg

I'll check into this issue soon. (I also have some code (currently only for 
viewing), but it doesn't work when invoked by keyboard, but by client)


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