Re: frame/window border-width and interaction with mouse click in window border

Teika wrote:
> There exists another alternative. Bind for example "C-Button1-Move" to
> "resize-window-interactive" (control + left click + mouse move) in "window keymap".

Thanks Teika.   Yes,   that is a good alternative and one I had not thought of.
I think I had not known about "resize-window-interactive" before.    How does it choose which border to move?    The nearest?

Compared with the natural click-on-border,  it is not quite so easy but I think I can get used to it.

> difficult to make the frame part size configurable. It's not totally
> impossible to prepare a keymap for the border, but I'm reluctant
I don't understand what you are saying here.     There already is capability for a keymap for the border -  I am/was using it.    It's the sensitivity of the test for whether the click was inside or outside the border width that is my problem.    Am I misunderstanding you?    Or is there still a possibility that it could be done?

John Lumby

(Sorry for delay replying,  somehow I missed yours till now)

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